Converto facility in Cambridge city

Converto facility in Cambridge City

Converto is a family owned manufacturing company located in Cambridge City, Indiana.  Converto has been in business from 1939.  Converto manufactures material handling equipment that is used in the scrap, recycling and waste removal industries.  These wastes include scrap, solid waste, sludge and other bulk material. Converto serves waste haulers, landfills, manufacturers, municipalities and other governmental entities just to name a few.  Converto serves a substantial installed customer base with replacement PARTS to keep our users operating.  Converto also services and manufactures products used for other systems which it did not make but provides compatibility.  These products are designed by practical engineers to provide our users with the maximum longevity and value.   Converto is proud in our flexibility and our manufacturing expertise to fulfill our customers needs with many applications and requirements. The ConverTainer is a hydraulic LUGGER hoist used at many manufacturing facilities to dispose of scrap metal or other types of waste.  The LeavaTainer is a ROLL OFF hydraulic hoist that picks up waste at construction and other sites.  It is also manufactured in a TRAILER configuration.  The RameJec is a hydraulic push out ram blade product used in carrying various types of materials.  For instance they have been used in asphalt paving and sludge waste disposal.  It is also manufactured in a TRAILER configuration.  Converto also manufactures a sludge disposal product that is designed to broadcast waste sludge over off road terrain "on the move."  This site contains photographs and other informational items so you can learn about what we do.  Please explore this site and see if Converto can build something for you.  The menu at the left will help you to find out about us and what we make.


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Converto manufactures and repairs equipment.  It does not engage in the buying and selling of used equipment.  It is not a scrap yard operator.  This site does not contain a gallery of thumbnails with used equipment for sale.

The first Converto site was programmed in house in 1997.  The one you are looking at now was recoded in 2011 and then had a bit of a  retooling in 2017.  It uses CSS.  If you don't have an upgraded web browser, you should/need to do so.

Management decided to keep the site basically informational.  Converto isn't involved in the world of ecommerce retailers.  Some folks are using dial up.  However, we are open to new ideas and methods.  If you folks out there want us to reprogram and include some other features, let us know.  .

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